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Behind every successful athlete is a determined heart, mind, and a great support network. With each passing season, every player keeps the legacy of Arizona Men's Soccer alive. See how our ALUMNI continue to make history.

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FORWARD | 2019 - 2023 

Carrying on with our Alumni Feature series, we would like to introduce one of our newest AZMS Alumni members, Jayden Obrochta!


The recent University of Arizona graduate joined Arizona Men's Soccer (AZMS) back in 2019, and even completed a term as Club Present during his 4 years with the team. Jayden has no plans to retire his boots anytime soon as he furthers his love for the game as well as his studies in Georgetown University this upcoming fall. Follow along as we get to know more about our fellow AZMS Forward.

When did you first start playing soccer?

I started playing soccer as soon as I could walk. My dad was my first soccer coach and really helped me fall in love with the game. Before I knew it, I was playing competitive under 9s as a 6 year old, with people twice my size, but I just couldn’t get enough of it.




What do you think sets you apart from other players?

Growing up I was always the smallest kid on the pitch. To compensate for this I always made it my effort to be the hardest working person out there. I always felt like it was okay to have a bad game or lose a match, but I never wanted someone to say I didn't work hard enough. Luckily, as I grew, I kept this work ethic and think it has helped make me the player I am today.

What strengths would you say have helped mold you into the player you are today?

The best strength you can have as an athlete is a love for what you are doing. You can be the best soccer player in the world, but if you don’t enjoy playing then you can only go so far. 

Do you have any other hobbies or interests outside of soccer?

I love the outdoors. I will pretty much try anything if it gets me out of the house. I’m really into rock climbing and have been doing it pretty religiously for 7ish years, and love the incredible places it can take you where you know not too many other people have been. I also love hiking, backpacking, and camping, and try to spend any weekend that we don’t have a game, somewhere new. 

What do you love most about the game?

I think the passion, and the overall community are the greatest parts of the sport. There’s no greater feeling than being out there on the field with your teammates just playing and having fun. It’s really a bond you share for life, and some of my closest friends have come through our love of soccer.

Stay connected with Obrochta and follow him on his journey on Instagram @jaydenobrochta16.


DEFENDER | 2016 - 2018

Continuing our Alumni Feature series this month, we had the unique opportunity to highlight one of AZMS' most valuable assets, prominent Alumni member, and current Head Coach - Kyle Cornell.


Cornell has been an active member of this community for close to 10 years now, and carries forward with sharing his knowledge and experience with the team and supporters of the game alike. Let's dive in, and learn more about him and the role he continues to play here at Arizona Men's Soccer.

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Talk to us about your current role with AZMS. What does your day-to-day look like? 

My current role with Arizona Men's Soccer is Head Coach & Director of Soccer. My day-to-day is different each and every day. In a nutshell, my job is to support the vision of the Club Student President. This is anything from managing players and winning games to hiring staff, raising funds, and enhancing our community profile. It can be like herding cats at times, but it's incredibly rewarding to be involved.

What do you believe is the greatest challenge most athletes are facing today?

Mental Health. Luckily, we as a society are making great strides towards supporting athletes in this way. 

Do you have any mentors or role models that have influenced your career? If so, who are they and what impact have they had on you?

I have had several mentors throughout my career. One of which is Dave Cosgrove over at Pima Men's Soccer and FC Tucson Youth. He will always be the person to thank for the start of my career.

However, one of the most impactful mentors has been Jon Pearlman. He has a world-class soccer business mind, and is always challenging himself and others to be better versions of themselves. His legacy in Tucson soccer is already firmly established, but he will always serve as a legendary figure in my mind. For role models, my Mom has been my most influential in life. When it comes to qualities I admire in a human being, she has them all and then some. I owe who I am today to her. 

What accomplishments in your soccer career are you most proud of?


The level of expectation is high here at Arizona Men's Soccer, and I am inspired seeing my players work towards that level with joy. As a player, it'd say I am most proud of having competed for a Junior College National Title.

What pearls of wisdom would you like to share with any current and future players?

Someone coming to college is usually already facing some level of pressure in their lives. In a world of instant news and social media, there is always a reason to compare yourself, to doubt yourself, to alienate yourself, or get lost in all of the "noise". A universal truth is that you will never control everything. My advice would be to search through the noise to find your controllables. Then ask yourself how your controllables can affect a positive change on your environment. Arizona Men's Soccer Club (AZMS) is a platform to discover exactly that. Whatever your ideal is for your college experience, it is yours to own and my staff and I are here to help you reach it. 

What has been your favorite memory with AZMS?

My favorite memory as a player has got to be having beat ASU away from home in Fall 2016 to clinch the conference title. And as Club President, it was watching AZMS win a NIRSA National Title in 2017.

Stay connected with Cornell and follow him on his journey on Instagram with AZMS @azmenssoccer and @kyleacornell.

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MIDFIELDER | 2019 - 2022 

As part of our Alumni Feature series, we had the great pleasure to take a stroll down memory lane and talk with our very own, Carter Noble.


During his time with Arizona Men's Soccer (AZMS), he built upon his athletic skills as well as expanded his network with each player, and coach. Today he is the Academy Administrator for Orange County SC, and continues to share his passion and spirit for soccer on and off the pitch.

How did you first get involved in soccer?

Soccer runs in the Noble family. I played when I was a kid, like 4 and 5 years old, and then joined a club team a few years later at 9 years old... I fell in love from that first club practice and have the same love to this day.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? 


Talk to us about your current role at Orange County SC.

At OCSC I’m the academy Operations Coordinator. I help set up sessions, do administrative work, and make sure my players are taken care of professionally.


I help out quite a bit with our 1st team too, especially on game days. It’s such a cool experience being around high level pro soccer everyday. I still find myself being a student and learning how to play and coach the game of soccer. Game days are always great as I’m on the field behind the bench so you can really feel the energy. 

Any advise for our young athletes, current and future?

Stay committed and put in effort on and off the field. Don’t just show up and put in a shift and leave. Build relationships with the guys cause that’s what makes the team so great.


Chemistry off the field helps on the field. The closer our team has been through the years, the more success we have because we want to fight for each other to win and celebrate together... The overall experience is much more fun when you win, and that’s comes down to how committed each individual is on and off the field. 

Stay connected with Carter and follow him on his journey on Instagram @carter_noble


Since having been founded in the 1950's the Arizona Mens Soccer program boasts a rich history of alumni that continue to impact the Arizona community and abroad.

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We are constantly continuing to add to our alumni database, if you want to be featured please fill out the form below to get in contact or reach out to us at

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